Why I visit Disney World So Much

Why I visit Disney World So Much

The Mentor in the Man and the Mouse

Many people ask me: “Why do you visit Disney World so much?” For me, Walt Disney himself is a mentor in my life. He was an entrepreneur, inventor, and family man. He was creative, innovative, and brilliant. He learned from his failures and did not let them stop him; instead, they inspired him to try again.

When I was a child, I would watch the Wonderful World of Disney. I knew Walt was already gone, but somehow he lived on through his work, the joy he brought to others, and the company he created that would carry on his legacy. From him, I learned imagination, creativity, steadfastness, and self-reliance.

I’ve passed this love along to my kids and grandkids, and we created and continue to create memories as a family. When I visit Walt Disney World, I can not only suspend disbelief for a time, but I always come back with a renewed sense of inspiration. Plus, who doesn’t love Mickey (or Donald) 😉


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