Things Not To Miss at The County Fair

Things Not To Miss at The County Fair

Food, Rides, and Fun

Our local county fair just ended and brought back great childhood memories. Mom would take my brother, me, and maybe a friend to our fairgrounds, where we could split off and create our adventure. County fairs are part of many Americans’ lives. But, if you’ve never been, it’s best described as an amusement park, agricultural celebration, and music festival rolled into one. Usually lasting a week to ten days, here are the top things you shouldn’t miss at your next county (or State) fair:


BBQ, hot dogs, pizza, gyros, and more deep-fried food than you’ve ever seen in one place. Not healthy but sooo good.

Sweet Treats

Funnel cakes, ice cream, snow cones, candy apples, cotton candy. My teeth are falling out just thinking about it.


Skee ball, ring toss, and other games of skill (or luck) to win oversized stuffed animals and other trinkets.


Ferris Wheel, the scrambler, funhouses, carousel, the list goes on and on. Just be sure to ride BEFORE you eat.


4H club and farmers bring their best. You can see goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, cows, and other animals.

Music and Live Performances

Bands of all kinds play concerts, from professional performers to local entertainers.


Fine arts, gardening, and canned and baked goods are judged and shown. Check out Aunt Bea’s quilt, grandma’s jam, and your 3rd-grade neighbor’s minion statue made of legos.


Tractor pulls, car derby, and car and truck shows take place, so if you love loud and motors, this is for you!
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