Five Packing Mistakes You Make Every Time You Travel

Five Packing Mistakes You Make Every Time You Travel

Avoid these to save money, frustration and time.

Are you one of those people who always packs too much for your trips? Do you bring the wrong items or forget something important? If so, you’re not alone. My family teases me about my “Mary Poppins” bag and my “Mary Poppins” van because of the number of things I bring “just in case” Many people make the same packing mistakes every time they travel. So let’s look at the five most common mistakes and show you how to avoid them. 

  1. You’re not packing clothes that can be mixed and matched. Pack versatile clothing items that can be dressed up or down to save space. I like to pick two or three colors that go together to make it even easier.
  2. You’re overpacking and bringing too many unnecessary items. Hotels have blow dryers. You probably won’t wear that extra pair of shoes or all those earrings. Choose shoes and jewelry that go with everything.  
  3. You’re not using packing cubes or compression bags to organize your belongings. These bags can help you fit more clothes into your suitcase and even reduce your luggage, saving you money. (just don’t go over the weight limit)
  4. You’re not using packing lists. Whether written or digital, packing lists ensure you don’t forget anything and let you see at a glance what you might be able to eliminate for your suitcase. 
  5. You’re not checking the weather forecast before you pack. So, check to see if you need those rain boots instead of bringing everything for every situation. 

Now it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice and pack for your next trip! What are some of the items on your list that tend to take up unnecessary space? Let me know in the comments below! Safe Travels!

Rebecca is the founder of Sightseeing Sidekick travel blog and the publisher of both a lifestyle and a bridal magazine. Living in Northern Virginia, she’s a 50+ mother and grandmother who started travel blogging to share her “new to her” experiences as she has more time to travel. She hopes to “inspire women who previously may not have been able to travel due to career or family obligations to plan, sightsee, and create memories.” You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube