Feeling Last Minute Wanderlust?

Feeling Last Minute Wanderlust?

Tips for Last-Minute Air Travelers

Just wake up and decide you want to take a last-minute trip? Whether you are interested in visiting Chicago, Disneyland, or another popular vacation destination, you will want to start your planning immediately. With last-minute trips, you have the same number of travel arrangements to make, but in a much shorter period.

When making your travel arrangements, you will want to go with an airline known for its affordable rates. Choose an airline you have traveled with before, as this often results in fewer surprises. Use the incognito window in your browser first to see the best rates before booking. If this is your first time traveling by air, ask your friends or family members for airline recommendations or warnings.

In keeping with reservations, if you don’t have time to examine all the airlines individually and their rates, you should turn to online travel websites. When doing so, go to the bigger name sites, which are typically more reliable. In addition, online travel websites allow you to search for flights with flexible timeframe windows. You should also receive quotes from several different airlines. Just remember, if you don’t book with the airline directly, you are bound by the rules of the travel site you used.

Another option is to contact your favorite travel agent. I use Unique Travel Events (not a sponsored post), Andrea is a long-time associate, and her opinion and travel experiences are invaluable. Find an agent to work with that understands you and your travel needs.

Once you have your travel arrangements made, you need to pack. I always have a suitcase in my closet with all my travel items. I refill or replace my toiletries after each trip, so all I have to do is fill my packing cubes with clean clothes, and I am ready to go. It would help if you quickly created a checklist for yourself. Use an app or create a list for yourself. For example, do you need to bring your digital camera or laptop computer? How many changes of clothes do you need? Be sure to check each item off of your checklist as you pack it later. This will help to prevent errors and confusion.

It is also essential to take the time to familiarize yourself with airport security rules and restrictions. When rushing to plan a last-minute trip and pack, you are more likely to make mistakes. You can visit the TSA’s website for a quick summary of air travel rules and restrictions. You can also use your best judgment. For example, you know you will remove your shoes, so wear comfortable and easy-to-remove shoes. Also, leave all sharp objects at home or pack them in your checked luggage instead of in a carry-on bag.

What tips do you have for last-minute flights? Share them with us in the comments below.

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